The Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards at Werkstatt


Sto presents Werkstatt —meaning workshop in German—a showcase for the whole Sto Group and a new East London cultural establishment with a lively program of exhibitions, talks, workshops and consultations. The inaugural exhibition is Building Images: The Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards 2013 which shows the breadth and invention in both architecture and photography today.

Arcaid Images is a photographic resource representing images from all aspects of the built world, ancient and modern, iconic and ordinary. The Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards started in 2012. This year’s judges were: Zaha Hadid, Ivan Harbour, Catherine Slessor, Eva Jiricna and Graham Stirk.

Photographer: Ken Schluchtmann (winner)
Site: Trollstigen, Norway
Architect: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekten

The exhibition will present nine shortlisted photographs including The Awards’ winner Ken Schluchtmann’s photograph of ‘Nasjonale Turistveger’ Trollstigen, Norway. A building suspended in clouds next to a waterfall, which highlights the magical nature of architecture and its power within a landscape. “Described as much more than mere reproductions, Schluchtmann’s images penetrate to the very essence of his subjects. They distil light and colour in a long process involving both analogue and digital techniques, imbuing photographs with an unusually sculptural depth. Some say they create incarnations of design in the way that other photographers create incarnations of fashion.” Friederike Meyer

Other remarkable photographs being shown in large scale c-type prints beauty include Adam Mørk’s ‘exterior shortlisted’ photograph of The Blue Planet, Denmark and in ‘the buildings in use category’ Fernando Guerra’s striking image of Pátio des Escolas, Portugal.

The Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award aims to put the focus on the skill and creativity of the photographer. The judges and the viewers are asked to look beyond the architecture to the composition, light, scale, atmosphere, sense of place and understanding of the project.

The exhibition mirrors the innovation available in this three storey renovated factory in the heart of Clerkenwell. A full range of Sto Group’s products are at Werkstatt for architects to play and create with, including glass and rendered rainscreen cladding, seamless acoustics, facade elements and photo catalytic interior paint coating.

Werkstatt also extends out from its hub in Clerkenwell to offer connections to Sto’s international network of technical experts with local and global knowledge. Werkstatt is a workshop for international designers and architects to meet, hear, see, be inspired, photography in relaxed surroundings with a backdrop of Sto innovation.


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