David Cotterrell, Tessa Farmer and Sarah Woodfine at Tatton Park Biennial 2012 – Flights of Fancy – 12 May to 30 September


Charbel Ackermann, Brass Art, David Cotterrell, Tom Dale, Simon Faithfull, Tessa Farmer, Jem Finer, Leslie Forbes, Rebecca Geldard, Olivier Grossetête, Hilary Jack, Juneau Projects, Dinu Li, Pointfive, Aura Satz, Cherry Smyth, Ultimate Holding Company, Sarah Woodfine

Curated by Danielle Arnaud and Jordan Kaplan

Gallery artists David Cotterrell, Tessa Farmer and Sarah Woodfine are participating in Tatton Park Biennial 2012 which opens to the public on 12 May.  The third edition of the Biennial, Flights of Fancy, has commissioned over twenty artists and writers to consider the human urge to fly, to accomplish the impossible in fragile times. The legacy of Tatton’s last Lord, Maurice Egerton – his experiments with radio, his interest in early aviation and his efforts to support World War II – the need for escapism as sung by previous 19th century resident, Elizabeth Sykes, and the proximity of Manchester Airport and Jodrell Bank are the basis for this new series of artworks interweaving time, space and imagination. The commissions are sited in the formal Gardens, the Mansion and the Park.

David Cotterrell has developed a planetarium, installed in the formal Gardens, where visitors will immerse themselves in a moving picture informed by data streams supplied by Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics. In Other Worlds, I love you takes us back millions of years in our universal history.

Tessa Farmer‘s installation in the Mansion provides a glimpse into our planet’s orbital debris cloud and ponders on the fate of the many animals sent into space.  In Cosmic Cloud, Tessa’s skeleton fairies, inhabiting ingenious space pods, have taken over some of these debris to create a fleet of curious spaceships intending to colonise space.

Sarah Woodfine‘s intricate pencil drawings on alchemy-like vessels are placed in the Library; the selected ingredients contained in these recipients invite the viewer to select and contemplate the possibility of flights, transmutation or journeys out of the body. Recipe for a kiss of shame rekindles the original synergy between alchemy and botany, within the context of Tatton Park’s collection of books and plants.


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