Lauren Baker, rising star on the art scene is taking London by storm!

Lauren Baker and M&C Saatchi are delighted to present the solo show: ‘Barely Controllable Emotion’ at M&C Saatchi headquarters, Soho, London.

You Blow My Mind. Low res

Lauren invites you to let your emotions run wild through the passionate world of her latest collection of creative pieces including brand new neon artwork and new limited edition, hand-embellished prints. The title of the show; that is a definition of ‘passion’, aims to give an insight into the artist’s deep-rooted values and desires.


One of the new works – named ‘Secrets of the Universe’ which has the words ‘Energy, Frequency, Vibration’ in an infinity mirror triangular box – has spiritual undertones and was conceptualised after the artist spent two months in Guatemala studying metaphysics and meditation. The piece is inspired by inventor Nicola Tesla, who once said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations.”


The artist aimed to capture her most intimate and explosive feelings of love and lust in her new work; ‘Truly Deeply Alive’ which is a six-way colour lenticular ‘beating heart’ print. As the viewer changes angle, an anatomical heart grows in size with each moving beat and the changing colours, give an illusion of illumination and symbolize ripples of pulsating energy.

Anatomical Heart Print Pink. Screenshot

A bold pink neon – ‘Be kind to animals or I’ll kill you’ – presents a somewhat provocative, yet comic take on Baker’s attitude towards all living beings. Ten per cent of the sales of this neon and the correlating print support Save Wild Tigers charity. Passionate about animals and conservation, the artist is an ambassador for Save Wild Tigers, with her artwork successfully raising over £50k for the charity initiative.


As a kinesthetic person, Baker explores varied materials and textures to create art and express herself, all stemming from her desire to amplify and bring to life the sensory definition of touch. This is a reminder from her to any of us that only seven percent of communication is verbal language. You can feel a lustful energy in the persuasion of her new neon ‘Just kiss me, we can talk later’, which reflects the passion at the core of the collection.


Baker’s ‘Everything is going to be Fucking Amazing’ neon is her daily mantra (2015, limited ed. of six) and was named in the Top Nine Cool Items List by Esquire Magazine (Apr 2016), and selected in ‘The Chosen Few’ Shortlist Magazine – listing three top picks for ‘British Contemporary Art’ (Aug 2016).


Her limited edition ‘you blow my mind’ screen prints (2015, limited ed. of 10) sold out in just 24 hours. New unseen limited edition prints will be revealed at the private view.  Prices range from £450 to £16k.


Named “provocative” by The V&A, and “an artist to watch out for” by Tate, she’s created installations at The V&A and Tate Britain, ran an art workshop at Tate Modern, as well as directing the two main windows of Selfridges for their Christmas campaign.


Sarah Williams, Head of Art Buying, M&C Saatchi, says: “We are thrilled to have Lauren Baker’s artwork on the walls. I’ve had her on my radar for a while and am a proud collector of her work already’.


The artist is “renowned for her powerful neon words and innovation in infinity light” – Hamish Jenkinson, Curator / Owner of Lights of Soho Gallery.


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