Liquidated London 2012 – Screen Print Boxed Set by Zevs


The Outsiders, the experimental art gallery from Steve Lazarides, announces Liquidated London 2012, a boxed set of 14 screen prints by celebrated street artist Zevs (pronounced ‘Zeus’, in the manner of the classical Greek god).


The ‘Liquidated Logo’ series is to Zevs what spot paintings are to Damien Hirst – an ongoing project that delights his admirers. Zevs has applied his trademark ‘liquidation’ process to many of the world’s most recognisable logos, from that belonging to fashion house Chanel to the Soviet Union’s ‘hammer and sickle’. The artist aims to stimulate discussion around the role institutions – including political organisations, brands, and big business – play in our lives.


A great admirer of the Olympic Games as an athletic event, Zevs found himself troubled by what he saw as the conspicuous and intrusive involvement of multi-national brands at London 2012. Moreover, he believed some of the brands involved seemed incongruous placed next to an altruistic sporting occasion on the global stage.


The artwork he has created in turn is Liquidated London 2012. Entirely hand-crafted at The Outsiders’ Execution Dock studio in the shadow of London’s Olympic stadium, the boxed set of silkscreen prints includes ‘liquidated’ versions of the logos used by many brands sponsoring the 2012 London Olympic Games. The boxed set features a screen printed gold cover. Other fine art prints around the theme will also be made available.


One of the pioneers of contemporary street art, Zevs is featured in Oscar-nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop and has exhibited all over the world. He is noted for his application of inventive techniques: from using steam cleaners to create images on dirty walls during a graffiti crackdown in his native Paris, to painting murals in invisible ink (one of which is situated in a hotel room believed to have been used by the 9/11 hijackers the night before their act of infamy).


An edition of 20, the boxed sets will be available at from mid-July 2012. The editions sold online will be priced on an escalating scale, starting at £2000 each.


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