Secret Art and The Art Partners: An Art Journey at Library Club


Friday 10th July saw Secret Art and The Art Partners launch ‘Art Journey’, an exciting pop-up exhibition at Library Private Members’ Club that showcases the works of ten emerging international artists.

Amongst the artists exhibiting works were Alex J. Wood, Anastasia Belous, Daisuke Sakaguchi, Malgosia Stepnik, Marina Borozna, Mary Wintour, Mike Ballard, Lewis Baileys, and Eliseo Pauand.

Secret Art founder Victoria Arifullina-Baileys and Anya Klimenko.
Secret Art founder Victoria Arifullina-Baileys and Anya Klimenko.

A thought-provoking and immersive experience, guests were invited to discover the new artists and their works throughout the club. From the risqué, to bold and vibrant patterns, each work challenged the current perception of contemporary art as being merely conceptual, inviting the viewer to engage and analyse the image before them – as opposed to relying on a conceptual peg to elucidate it.
A live jazz band accompanied each guests’ odyssey, with a flurry of upbeat notes and mellifluous grooves vibrating off the walls.

Rtz 40, 2015Guests included: Anne Pigelle, Conrad Carvalho, Vinay Kapoor, Vikrant Tike, Patrick Lynch, Jacob Harmer, Alistair Guy, Giuseppe Eskenazi, Eugeniy Chichvarkin, Michael Larsen, Olga Sardarova and Hugh Barnes, amongst others.


Ilona Kisaeva and Maria Korolevskaya (The Art Partners founder)
Ilona Kisaeva and Maria Korolevskaya (The Art Partners founder)

SECRET ART POP-UP GALLERY uses secret locations around the city such as penthouses, mansions, loft apartments and other to create a unique atmosphere that reminds the viewer of a collector’s house or an artist’s studio.

Having access to an extensive network of leading artists, creatives, tastemakers, academics and press; SECRET ART POP-UP GALLERY brings together the combined experience of two established art-world professionals and their associates under a new banner.


THE ART PARTNERS is an art consultancy, which provide art advisory and collection management services to corporate and individual clients, internationally. The Art Partners advise, help and support their clients at all stages of acquisition and ownership providing completely flexible and personalized solutions. In addition to that they also collaborate with young and upcoming artists in various curatorial projects in residential and commercial venues.


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