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The Ponti name is a household name across many fields and legacies. Most readers would be familiar with the name Gio Ponti, Caterina’s great grandfather. Much like Caterina herself, Gio Ponti was highly regarded across various disciplines: industrial designer, artist, publisher, writer and architect are some of the labels that have been applied. The Art Collector caught up with art world catalyst and influencer Caterina Ponti, to discuss how she is continuing and developing the Ponti legacy.

Caterina Ponti with the Gio Ponti stool

What role do you see yourself having in the art world?

I am a Catalyst. 
It seems to me that today, as never before, the future and the past are merged into a single moment: which is the present. I catalyze this moment. 
We are liquid love. 

For me, catalyzing means combining: the work of my artists, designers with keywords and trend-forecast by storytelling them into a new world: galleries, collectors, press, museums, creatives, music, hotels, investment capitals, startups etc …

Fashion, Art, Life, Ads, God and Design have merged into a melting pot of global trends, for their own singular language translating it in creations and products.

Ettore Sottsass, Caterina Licitra, Lisa Licitra Ponti at the exhibition of Lisa Ponti at Museo dell’Arredo, Ravenna, Italy  2000

How are you bridging the Ponti legacy between the old and the new?

My DNA already has the cells to understand and capture  the social circle of cultures. I like to copy & paste how Gio Ponti was called “Happy Medium”  and as well grandmother Lisa Ponti, who directed DOMUS Magazine out of ideological cliques, and academic, she picked and published the artists, projects, architects who created the coolest things of the moment. In fact, DOMUS Magazine was when my grandmother was in chief a staple for everyone in the world of arts.

Tell us about your multidisciplinary projects.

My future is to know more and experiment with bio- materials and be part of a circular economy. 

Caterina Licitra
Gio Ponti Legacy in Asia & Middle East Co – Founder Lisa Ponti Archives 
Catalyst for Cristina O’Hanlon – IG @cristinaohanlon | and for Davide Bellocchio – IG @davide_bellocchio |
Marta Alexandra Abbott – IG @martaabbott | &
Project Manager of Alone Together Ràquira – Objects from the Quarantine@alonetogether_raquira

Caterina helps brands connect (or re-connect) through storytelling. Her consultancy and multidisciplinary approach are based on trend forecasting and an understanding of contemporary culture, art, design and lifestyle.


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