Zoe Pilger announced as Frieze writer’s prize winner

Winner of 2011 Writer's Prize Announced

frieze magazine has announced Zoe Pilger as the winner

 of this year's Writer's
Prize. Pilger has been commissioned to write her first review for frieze magazine,
to be published in issue 144. She will receive a prize of £2,000.
The judges for 2011 were novelist Hari Kunzru; the art historian and critic Katy
Siegel and senior editor of frieze, Dan Fox.
Hari Kunzru said of judging the prize, 'It was fascinating to read the long-listed
entries, partly because one realizes that the review is a very formal genre, and
rewards tightness and clarity. It's hard to make clear, confident judgments and to
find a voice that is distinctive and free of jargon, while still being rigorous. I
think our winners display these qualities.'
Katy Siegel added, 'Reviewing the submissions - reading carefully, thinking about
style, content, voice, judgment - made me realize how much I miss the feeling that
criticism matters. And also that there's no reason for it not to matter; stripped of
its earlier modern gate-keeping function, there is a world of other things that art
criticism can do, and other reasons I like to read and write it.'

frieze received more than 300 entries from around the world. James Cahill is the
runner up, with his review of Pablo Bronstein at the ICA, London.  Also highly
commended are: Nicolas Linnert (US), Maria Marchenkova (US), Theo Reeves-Evison (UK)
and Tessa Zettel (Australia).

Frieze Writer's Prize was established in 2006 and is presented annually. Its aim is
to promote and encourage new critics from around the world.

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