Adrian Wiszniewski: Transcendental Roof Party at the Glasgow Print Studio


For Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2012 (GI), Glasgow Print Studio (GPS) is pleased to present Transcendental Roof Party, a solo exhibition of bold yet refined paintings and drawings by ‘New Glasgow Boy’ Adrian Wiszniewski RSA.
Transcendental Roof Party reflects an acutely positive, almost utopian outlook on humanity. Wiszniewski is an optimist par excellence; he views the world through kaleidoscopic glasses.
Each work within the exhibition acts as a vignette which when brought together creates a bigger picture. For Wiszniewski the key themes that tie this exhibition together are Revolution, Enlightenment, Liberty and Knowledge.
Wiszniewski’s work is often said to fall within the aesthetic style of Magic Realism. Laden with symbolism, magical elements blend with the real world in fantastical dream like scenarios. He creates poetic yet idiosyncratic visions in the romantic tradition of British art.
His paintings are often figurative, but never wholly realistic. The figures are often used as a conduit to lead the viewer to the layers of meaning contained on the flat surfaces. Their interpretation is open to the viewer who cares to conduct his own dialogue with the work.

“I am delighted to be exhibiting with Glasgow Print Studio as part of GI 2012, in this, GPS’s 40th year. Glasgow Print Studio has always been a truly International organization. The open access ethos allows the organization to be incredibly democratic and all-embracing, perhaps more so than any other gallery in Scotland.” (Adrian Wiszniewski)

Adrian’s connections with GPS are longstanding. Interestingly, Wiszniewski’s first solo exhibition at GPS was held 24 years ago almost to the day, upon the opening of GPS’s new premises from Ingram Street to King Street on the 30th of April 1988. “It was both an honour then to be invited to exhibit in the inaugural King Street show as it is today to be part of both GI 2012 and GPS’s 40th Anniversary celebrations in the very same space in which I exhibited all those years ago” (Adrian Wiszniewski


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