An Interview with artist Raphael Mazzucco


image37_detailsCan you tell us about the concept behind ‘Biophilia’?

It forces people to think; I love to encourage people to delve deeper into my work and explore every element, as well as enjoying the piece in its entirety. I enjoy how the meaning of the word makes you want to dream, let go and almost let many things come together such as nature does. It is not contrived, nothing is forced, and that concept resonates within my work.

biophiliaWhat inspires your staging?

My inspiration is multi-layered. It always seems to happen through discovering a new location I haven’t visited previously. Of course, each new situation or new environment, when matched with a new persona, will automatically give a different – what I call – energy. This allows the process always to be refreshing and keeps both me and my work evolving.

A lot of your work focuses on fashion and portraits of women. Have you experimented with other themes?

Yes, it has, largely because the years of shooting fashion and musicians has influenced my eye, and how I perceive the world around me. We are all a product of our experiences and the stimuli to which we are exposed throughout our lives. Even now, I am interacting with my surroundings differently, and that is leading me to explore so many different ideas. One, for example, is applying my techniques to doors and tables – much more multi-dimensional pieces with lots of organic raw elements like wood taken from nature.

4_fc7d26_mpIn a technological age where image saturation and instant gratification go hand-in-hand, do you think photography still has a visceral power? Does it need to adapt?

Photography and technology will always play hand in hand. It’s almost like a marriage! Photography has evolved just like everything else in this mercurial world we live in, and translating it has developed in a very varied and futuristic way. The most important idea to me is that photography should be just another way to express one’s vision; another creative channel.

“If everyone is a photographer, then no-one is a photographer.” (Julian Stallabrass). Thoughts?

I believe a person’s true passion will take place organically. We should listen to ourselves and never allow the opinions of others to distract us from discovering, and ultimately pursuing, our true destinies.

Biophilia, the new collection from world-renowned photographer and artist Raphael Mazzucco, acknowledges his zeal, and references his instinctive kinship with all living matter.


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