An interview with Stuart Semple


Tomorrow dot.London are working with London’s leading artists will be showing their work across public spaces in the capital including Covent Garden, Borough Market.

The exhibitions running from 12th January to 28th February are run in partnership with .london, the capitals new domain name. To see all the images visit <>.


Why did you want to be involved with Dot to Dot?

I love the inclusivity of web art and thought Dot to Dot would be a great platform to share some new work.

In a couple of sentences describe the piece of work you submitted and why?

My piece is called Happy Dot, it has the elements of a hand drawn smiley inside the dot and I’ve made it interactive so the viewer can re-arrange it to create their own combinations. A lot of my work deals with the nature of happiness and anxiety and I’ve had the phrase ‘Turn that frown upside down’ in my mind for a while so this was about bringing that to life.

What makes London as a city so special for creatives/artists – how does it influence you?

London is a truly unique and an extremely creative city. It has always been groundbreaking at and at the cutting edge of rebellious disruptive ideas. There’s something intangible about London that seems to enable creative people to make great work here.
What else do you have coming up in 2016? any projects/work of note we should watch out for?

A solo show in Hong Kong, a big public art project in Dubai and I’m working towards a show in London and a project for Frieze week. There’s also a couple of very exciting fashion collaborations.


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