Announcing the international launch of HAKANTO CONTEMPORARY, Antananarivo, Madagascar

HAKANTO CONTEMPORARY, Antananarivo, Madagascar opens to international audiences with inaugural exhibition NY FITIAVANAY / OUR LOVE / NOTRE AMOUR from 27 February– 30 May 2021. Taking its name from the Malagasy word for “aesthetic”, the independent, non-profit contemporary art center celebrates and supports artistic creativity in Madagascar, and is dedicated to showcasing the richness of contemporary Malagasy art. The exhibition follows their launch to local audiences in February 2020.

Curated by artistic director Joël Andrianomearisoa, NY FITIAVANAY / OUR LOVE / NOTRE AMOUR, takes its title from Madagascar’s national anthem and explores concepts of nationalism, politics, dependence, independence and interdependence – whilst the country marks 60 years since colonial rule. Presenting 26 Malagasy artists, chosen to reflect the country’s Independence Day (26 June), the multi-disciplinary exhibition questions concepts of independence in the contemporary setting. Artists on show include singer Mȏta Soa (b. 1985, Antananarivo, Madagascar), photographer Rijasolo (b. 1973, Strasbourg, France) and visual artist Rina Ralay Ranaivo (b.1984, Antananarivo, Madagascar); the full list of participating artists is to be announced.

Under the artistic direction of Joël Andrianomearisoa, HAKANTO CONTEMPORARY is a 300m2 space located in the Ankadimbahoaka district – south of the capital Antananarivo – contributing to dialogues between local and international arts scenes, whilst affirming the uniqueness of Malagasy culture.
Free to the public, HAKANTO CONTEMPORARY offers a meeting place for artists and audiences across the globe. Alongside an ongoing exhibition programme of group and solo exhibitions showcasing work from across Madagascar and beyond, HAKANTO offers dedicated artist residency spaces. Working to accelerate exchange, strengthen skills and initiate creative projects which both represent and support the local art scene, each exhibition is accompanied by an educational programme including workshops and guided tours. with a focus towards young audiences. The future exhibition programme includes a solo show from the leading Malagasy photographer, Ramily.
HAKANTO CONTEMPORARY is supported by the Fonds de Dotation HY (FDD HY). The HY Endowment Fund is a philanthropic initiative of Hasnaine Yavarhoussen, Managing Director of the Filatex energy-production group, operator of free zones and property and infrastructure developer. Created in 2019, the aim of the HY Endowment Fund is to reveal the dynamic nature of Madagascar’s contemporary art scene and the singular nature of its culture in Madagascar and internationally. Understanding that art and culture are essentials pillars of development, the FDDHY promotes creativity for future generations.

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