Art at Lloyd’s Club


Art at Lloyd’s Club is delighted to present the exciting mixed exhibition held in conjunction with the Long & Ryle Gallery. This exhibition will host a collection of monumental contemporary paintings and works from a variety of different mediums. Working with well established artists the Long & Ryle have a reputation for exhibiting high quality contemporary art.

This pop up exhibition will host recent works by Long and Ryle’s entire stable of artists over the Christmas period. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with grandiose statement pieces by John Marks and the animated ceramic sketches of Katherine Morling. There is an uncanny reality in the reflections of the most recent series of work by Geoff
Routh, which includes a fresh exploration into the nitty-gritty depths of South London through the urban ponds that
populate the environment. Simon Casson uses his great virtuosity as a painter to create works that encapsulate centuries
of painting, slashing figures with streams of abstraction. The intricate paper sculptures, of Su Blackwell, encapsulate the
fusion of art and literature, evolving into work that is tangible and haunting. While Ramiro Fernandez Saus captures the
imaginative thrill of discovering unexplained lands in his work. Giving a heightened sense of reality as we watch this
magical drama play out on the canvas before us.


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