Art Invest – how to beat the stock markets AND enjoy your investment


TAC was recently a guest at a private dinner to celebrate a collector’s acquisition of two Zhu Jinshi works (not the one featured in this article!).

As we marvelled at the large, 3D oil paintings, the conversation focused on the artist and the fact that he is producing fewer works. The scarcity factor has driven prices up and will continue to do so.

A reflection on contemporary art in general: buy from a reputable dealer who ensures that their artists are well placed in important collections and museums if you want to see lasting and growing value – in addition to enjoying your investment.

If you are someone who knows little or nothing about art, you’d be forgiven for thinking it is being collected for aesthetic pleasure alone. You’d also be forgiven for thinking that you can’t do better than real estate, for example – or any other traditional form of investment.

Think again!

Art has held its value better than almost anything – other than perhaps agricultural land which is also on the rise.

The image below is a work by Zhu Jinshi, courtesy of the Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai.

Zhu_Jinshi, Dream at Night, 2010


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