Callum Innes – a major new public art work


Announcing Callum Innes’s first public artwork, commissioned by Edinburgh Art Festival and Ingleby Gallery.

The Regent Bridge was designed by Archibald Elliot in 1814 to create an entrance to Edinburgh where the London road entered the New Town. It was constructed under the direction of Robert Stevenson and completed in 1819, thus solving the problem of entering the city through narrow and inconvenient medieval streets. Although still a major thoroughfare between the Old and New Towns, centuries of dirt and a lack of light have made the bridge feel more like a dark tunnel than a celebratory arch.
Working with lighting architect Gavin Fraser, Innes has evolved a scheme that transforms the flat sides of the lower arch at street level to create an illuminated path of floating colour. The work follows a series of set rules to create a structured and yet deliberately random order of coloured light, revealing and lifting the giant arch above.

The Regent Bridge is open 24 hours a day and is situated under Waterloo Place on Calton Road, next to Ingleby Gallery.


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