Feira de Arte Impressa [4ª Ed]


On November 9 and 10, 2012, Galeria Vermelho and Tijuana are presenting the 4th edition of the TIJUANA printed art fair, featuring the most recent releases and projects of more than 70 Brazilian and foreign publishers and artists [complete list below].


A project created by Vermelho, in 2007, Tijuana is a space for the presentation, distribution and commercialization of publications, artist books, prints, posters, vinyl records and DVDs. Besides the annual printed art fair, which has taken place since 2009, Tijuana holds regular exhibitions and releases, both at and away from its headquarters at Vermelho, besides establishing partnerships with other publishers, projects and institutions.


The 4th edition of the printed art fair will feature another stop of the Turnê project. A traveling initiative that has already been held in various cities in Brazil, such as Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Florianópolis and Rio de Janeiro, the Turnê was created by researcher Regina Melim and artists Maíra Dietrich and Fabio Morais. It aims to create a circuit of fairs linked with printed art, multiples and publications. At each new city where it is held, the Turnê adds new artists and new publications, using this procedure to construct a living, flexible and mobile archive.


The event will also count on the participation of the M-H Artist’s Books Centre of Research & Documentation project from Mexico. Created by artist and curator Martha Hellion, this undertaking aims to raise awareness concerning works by Latin American artists.


A not-for-profit project, NOMUQUE EDIÇÕES is active in the field of contemporary poetry. Its main initiative is the magazine ARTÉRIA, which employs a very wide range of procedures, such as offset, silkscreen, reprography, the book form, digital recordings/tapes, and the web.


TeTo Projects is presenting There’s No Word for Saudade by Dutch visual artist and writer Maurits de Bruijn, who uses a poster format to create a narrative between two fictitious characters. Fragments of this dialogue are scattered throughout the fair and will be available for the visitor to handle.


The fair will moreover see the release of Tendências do livro de artista no Brasil – volume 2 [Trends of the Artist’s Book in Brazil – Volume 2], curated by Galciani Neves and containing texts by curators, critics, artists, writers, designers and poets on the processes of creation, conceptual approximations, historical accounts and articles about the artist’s book. All of the texts will be reproduced and shown at the gallery in such a way that the public can detach them and assemble them as a book.


Also participating are the Projeto Carimbando, Editora Sobrelivros, the Nuevo Museo Energía de Arte Contemporáneo (Argentina), Cobogó, Projeto Balão, Cosac Naify, ESTUDIO Campo, La Silueta, and others.


The programming also includes a show by the band Sonora Scotch (Friday, November 9, at 9 p.m.), and the performance Ensaio para concerto de Contêiners [Rehearsal for a Concert of Containers] by Heleno Bernardi (Saturday, November 10, at 11 a.m.).



Complete list of participants: ¿Hay en Portugués? (Santa Catarina), A Bolha Editora (Rio de Janeiro), Amissão (São Paulo), Aline Dias (Santa Catarina), Amir Brito Cadôr (Minas Gerais), Ana Bellenzier (Paraná), Ana Luiza Dias Batista (São Paulo), Anônimo, Atlas (Minas Gerais), Balão (São Paulo), Bernardo Ramalho (Rio de Janeiro), Bil Lühmann (Santa Catarina), BOTE (São Paulo), Bruno Vilela (Pernambuco), Campo (São Paulo), Chelpa Ferro (Rio de Janeiro), Cobogó (Rio de Janeiro), Corpo Editorial (Santa Catarina), Cosac Naify (São Paulo), DEDO (Rio de Janeiro), Diego Rayck (Santa Catarina), Dulcinéia Catadora (São Paulo), Edições Capacete (Rio de Janeiro), Edith Derdyk (São Paulo), Elida Tessler (Rio Grande do Sul), Fabio Morais (São Paulo), Fernando Weber (Santa Catarina), Filé de Peixe (Rio de Janeiro), Flavia Ribeiro (São Paulo), Fratura (Rio de Janeiro), Galciani Neves (São Paulo), Giorgia Mesquita (São Paulo), Gleyce Cruz (Paraná), Grupo FORA (Santa Catarina), Heleno Bernardi (Rio de Janeiro), iluminuras (Minas Gerais), Jardín Puclicaciones (Bogotá, Colombia), Jardineiro Andre Feliciano (São Paulo), Jimson Vilela (São Paulo), La Ene (Buenos Aires, Argentina), La Silueta (Bogotá, Colombia), Leonardo Araújo (São Paulo), Letícia Lampert (Rio Grande do Sul), LOTE (São Paulo), Lucas Di Pascuale (Córdoba, Argentina), Lucia Mindlin Loeb (São Paulo), Mack Books (London), Maikel da Maia (Paraná), Maria Isabel Rueda (Bogotá, Colombia), Martha Hellion (Mexico DF, Mexico), Matias “ESPACIAL” Picón (São Paulo), Mayra Redin (Rio Grande do Sul), Mundo Dios (Mar del Plata, Argentina), Musica Para os Olhos (Rio Grande do Sul), Nara Milioli (Santa Catarina), Nomuque Edições (São Paulo), Pablo Saborido and Fabrizio Lenci, par(ent)esis (Santa Catarina), PISEAGRAMA (Minas Gerais), Publicações Iara (São Paulo), Pulga (São Paulo), Raquel Stolf (Santa Catarina), RECIBO (Pernambuco), Refil (Minas Gerais), Renata Bueno (São Paulo), Renato Pêra (São Paulo), San-Serrife (Amsterdam, Holland), Sobre Livros (São Paulo), Teto Projects / Maurits de Bruijn (Amsterdam, Holland), Tradutores Anônimos S.A. (São Paulo), Turnê, TYPO|PAO (Geneva, Switzerland), Vado Mesquita (São Paulo), Valdecimples (Paraná), Zine Parasita (São Paulo).


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