Galerie Perrotin Opening FUZLAB – Saturday 12 May


Galerie Perrotin, Paris is pleased to present the duo FUZLAB, born from a chance encounter between French cartoonist Luz (Charlie Hebdo) & Fabrizio Moretti (The Strokes).

Immediately after their first conversation, the two began drawing together in a bar. They decided to pursue this adventure more seriously. Upon their first meeting, Luz ambitiously brought a roll of paper 80 meters long by 130 cm high. Very quickly, the duo could not unroll the paper to work on it. They had to retreat at a friend’s house, next door to the Gallery to continue their new cumbersome passion.

With this drawing, they chose to revive the famous myth of Theseus and the Minotaure, reinterpreted in fantasy and delirium, intertwined with betrayal, sex and power struggle. A liberating tragedy!

In keeping with the fast pace of this story, my neighbor invited me to discover their unexpected project. It had been one month since the beginning of their collaboration. I found myself in front of a drawing bursting with boundless energy. In the age of the internet, this ambition could find itself exhibited in the time in takes to say ‘click’, while the reaction time of a gallery is generally far slower.

When I decide to invite young artists to exhibit, I generally have very few elements to assess their potential. I follow my instinct, I act upon my desire to watch a miracle unfold before my eyes. In this case, I had only 12 meters of drawings on which to make my decision.

With FUZLAB, I will be on par with the viewer. I did not offer them a show, but instead the gallery space, as a studio to accomplish their first work. Together, we will watch the drawing reveal itself as they continue working on it. They will try not to mind the many visitors in their public studio, even if it will inevitably influence their artistic process.


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