Grayson Perry, Ross Lovegrove and Michele de Lucchi announced in talks programme for the exhibition Diverse Maniere: Piranesi, Fantasy and Excess


Design, replication and materiality are three of the themes explored in the Sir John Soane’s Museum forthcoming exhibition Diverse Maniere: Piranesi, Fantasy and Excess, 7 March – 31 May 2014.

As part of the museum’s programme of events, three panel discussions, involving leading architects, designers, artists and academics, will look at how different disciplines approach these issues and what they might tell us about architectural and design practice in the past and how it has evolved today.

All talks will begin at 6pm unless stated otherwise and take place at the Royal College of Surgeons, WC2A 3PE.
10 March 2014, 6 – 8pm

Visualising Design Ideas
Taking Piranesi’s prints and Sir John Soane’s architectural drawings and models as a point of historical reference, this discussion will look at how contemporary architects and designers utilise various production methods and strategies in the design process.

Michele de Lucchi, architect and designer
Ross Lovegrove, designer
Adam Lowe, Director of Factum Arte, Madrid
Chair: Abraham Thomas, Director of Sir John Soane’s Museum
18 March 2014, 6 – 8pm

Using Objects as Evidence of Themselves
How should material expressions of design be interpreted? How does an object inform us of its cultural or historical point of origin? This discussion will focus on the different approaches used to analyse an objects design.

Adriano Aymonino, art historian and academic
Jerry Brotton, academic and writer
Lisa Jardine, academic
Grayson Perry, artist
Chair: Abraham Thomas, Director of Sir John Soane’s Museum


19 May 2014, 7.30 – 9.30pm

Casts, Copies and the Dissemination of Design Ideas
Sir John Soane used plaster casts along with 1:1 scale architectural fragments as important teaching tools within his museum. What potential does the process of copying offer today’s designers? How can we intelligently and creatively deal with intellectual property issues? This discussion will examine how ‘the copy’ has been used to recycle and blend ideas from the past, and the intriguing possibilities offered by contemporary technologies.

Sam Jacob, architect, writer and curator
Further speakers to be announced.
Chair: Abraham Thomas, Director of Sir John Soane’s Museum


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