JR “Pattern” 18 September – 10 November 2012 Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong


Following its opening in Hong Kong in May 2012, Galerie Perrotin is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition “Pattern” by JR, from 18th September to 10th November 2012.

French artist JR has also conceptualized a Hong Kong project which will uniquely see 16 large-scale photos of human faces pasted in an outdoor location in Hong Kong, which will be revealed during the exhibition. This outdoor installation, co-presented by Galerie Perrotin and the Consulate General of France, will form part of the artist’s global art project INSIDE OUT that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work.

JR creates monumental photographs that he pastes around the world, infiltrating in urban life anonymous portraits, witnesses of the present and the past – “Women are Heroes” in Rio de Janeiro, Jaipur, Nairobi (2008-2010), which gave its title to JR’s movie that was selected at the Festival de Cannes in 2010 ; «The Wrinkles of the City» in Cartagena, Shanghai, Los Angeles and La Havana (2008-2012).

JR reveals art by action, displaying his gigantic prints over the suburban buildings of Paris (“28 Millimètres, Portrait of a Generation”, 2004-2006), on walls in the Middle East (“Face 2 Face”, 2007) or in the United States, in the favela Morro da Providencia in Brazil (“28 Millimètres, Women Are Heroes”, 2008) or on the roofs in Kibera, Kenya (“28 Millimètres : Women are Heroes”, 2009), on the facade of Tate Modern in London…

He received the prestigious TED Prize in 2011 that offered him to make a “wish to change the world”. With the INSIDE OUT Project, JR brings together and prints portraits, as messages of personal identity (www.insideoutproject.net). On this occasion, photobooths printing large-scale self-portraits were seen during the summer in various places of the globe, including Paris (Centre Pompidou, Galerie Perrotin), Arles (Rencontres de la Photographie), Tel Aviv or Ramallah, and now Hong Kong at Galerie Perrotin. The exhibition “Pattern” will display for the first time photographs and wood panels from the INSIDE OUT series. Will also be unveiled JR’s very first experimentation with cast aluminum, sculptures in a crinkled effect, featuring the dot patterned eyes, characteristic of INSIDE OUT imagery. Committed art, street art, participative art, ephemeral art, beyond any category, JR makes us reflect by inviting on stage anonymous heroes, displaying the multiple faces of humanity.

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