Justin Forbes


Justin Forbes has been enjoying his artistic pursuits for most of his life. Born in Hollywood to a professional photographer and a professional dancer, he quickly was exposed to art as his first love, a career, and lifestyle. Forbes work is narrative and autobiographical in nature. His life and his art overlap as many events and dreams of his make their way into his large, crowded settings. Often the viewer can feel they are being invited to watch a performance or challenged as a voyeur by character elements staring out at the audience. Colour, light and shadow are all very important to Forbes. There is a sense of irony along side the often brutally honest story lines alluded to in Forbes’ compositions. The viewer senses that they “know” people in his portraits and multi person scenes. Often they are people he knows, we all know. Justin will not rest until he gets it right. He is after that perfect energetic, loose mastery of detail and mood. Justin’s eye often exaggerates perspective, providing us with a view of the world as seen through a wide angle lens.

Limited editions of Justin Forbes’ work are available to purchase. He is also available for specially commissioned projects.

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