Life in Layers at the Chait Galleries Downtown


Life in Layers: Work by Cathleen Gordon and Nicole Dana”
Cathleen Gordon and Nicole Dana, on the walls of The Chait Galleries Downtown.

Not only are both artists from our fair state of Iowa, but they are each gifted at turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Cathleen Gordon, an art instructor and established artist from Burlington is keenly adept at layering imagery, collage, painting, and drawing to make a new, contemplative image. Drawing inspiration from schematics and mathematics, Gordon changes fragments of seemingly simple images and combines them to form an unexpected, but flawless balance. She describes her own work as “visual vignettes.” She explains, “I often conceive a short story and then select the most interesting sentence or thought within the story to become a painting. Because I am the only one who knows the original context of the statement, the viewer is forced to develop his or her own relationship with the work.”

In a similar fashion, Nicole Dana, a recent graduate from The University of Iowa, paints layers of texture, expression, and space. Her interest lies in the way people represent themselves within their found environments. Showing these moments through portraiture, Dana describes, “the way we represent ourselves is based on the places in which we reside, and these places react accordingly, becoming a part of the way we are viewed in an unconscious moment, adhering to us.”

Enjoy a walk downtown and a see the spaces and layers of the latest work from Cathleen Gordon and Nicole Dana, at The Chait Galleries Downtown.

The Chait Galleries Downtown: Monday- Friday 11-6, Saturday 10-5, and Sunday 12-4.


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