Pablo Atchugarry: Espiritu Olimpico at Albemarle Gallery

The Albemarle Gallery is proud to announce the installation in St. James’s Square Gardens, London of two monumental stainless steel sculptures by the internationally acclaimed Uruguayan artist Pablo Atchugarry.
The works are on display until 8th September 2012 as part of the exhibition Espíritu Olimpico, at the Albemarle Gallery from 25th July to 8th September 2012.
The two works Espíritu Olimpico I and Espíritu Olimpico II have been specifically designed for this venue and are a personal homage by the artist to the Olympic Games. Drawing inspiration from the history of the Games and their ethos, Pablo Atchugarry has created these towering sculptures – respectively 5.95 m and 5.85 m high – as a symbol of the unifying power of sport.
The swirling profile represents unity; a spiral embracing the five continents under the flag of the five Olympic rings. The central vertical bar, with its clear static function of sustaining the whole structure alludes to the physical and mental tension that elite athletes endure throughout this, the greatest of sporting events.
The choice of the medium itself is significant. Stainless steel is an unfamiliar material for Pablo Atchugarry, who works mainly in marble and bronze. In this instance however, for the very nature of the project, the artist opted for a light yet strong medium, which has resulted in two ethereal compositions. The thin sheets of steel, vibrating in the wind are a constant reminder to both the might and fragility of human nature.
The event is supported by the Embassy of Uruguay in London.

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