Photographic Exhibition by Chinese photographer Qin Yuhai


“Photography is my immutable way of life and water is the subject of a lifelong artistic pursuit,” Qin Yuhai


‘Ebb and Flow’ is a photographic exhibition by renowned Chinese photographer, Qin Yuhai.  Opening in the UK in London, it is presented by Fuhai Culture Development Ltd, an organisation engaged in art and culture from Beijing, China at the Saatchi Gallery, from 11 – 15 June 2014. The exhibition features a world exclusive of new studies of water taken from the Chinese landscape over a period of many years.


All the images are based on Qin Yuhai’s long engagement and relationship with Mount Yuntai in central China’s Henan Province.  The photographs, taken on a 10×8 camera, are the result of years of learning and understanding how best to represent the essence of water.  At the same time, the exhibition is an exploration of the nature and language of photography.


Qin Yuhai comments: “Water always fascinates me and tranquility overcomes me every time I fix the lens of my camera on it.  My sense of self and the world vanishes and in my mind’s eye water becomes alive. The photographs in this exhibition are abstract yet they express my freedom from the bondage of the real world and my very self. They highlight my adherence to the philosophical call for harmony between nature and man. The beauty of water is beyond description; curves and colours are used to present water as a substance without a smell.  Ripples and waves are intended to present the freedom of water from any fixed shape or form.  Photography is my immutable way of life and water is the subject of a lifelong artistic pursuit.”


Hiroji Kubota, multi-award winning Japanese contemporary photographer, says: “Qin’s works achieve an indescribable visual impact on the viewer.  The glistening waves seen in his photos and the light that dances across the water’s surface lure the viewer into pondering the countless changes water assumes in volume, colour and shape.  Only by possessing the keenest comprehension of Chinese culture can a person create art of this calibre.  Visitors will marvel at the wonder water generates and will find a sudden love and admiration for it.”


Qin Yuhai was born in 1953 in Tailai County, Heilongjiang Province in China.  He has been taking photographs most of his life and has won many awards. This is his first exhibition in London.


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