Photographs Found: A visual documentary of 1960’s Britain by Basil Hyman


Following the success of Basil Hyman’s The Lost Album (2011), a beautiful insight into British life in the 1950s, in the form of a personally treasured photo album,

Photographs Found continues the thread of the first publication with a focus on the 1960s and excitingly forms part of a series of books which nostalgically illustrate everyday-life in forgotten eras, published by Booth-Clibborn Editions.


Photographs Found perfectly captures the spirit of the ‘Swinging Sixties’, a vibrant decade in which England won the World Cup, the first man landed on the moon and Britain

witnessed the birth of Pop music and experimental fashion. Presented in a photograph-album-scrapbook format, Photographs Found comprises a prolific archive of

hundreds of photographs, pages adorned with black and white prints punctuated with injections of vividly colourful imagery, documenting the fascinating minutiae in everyday

life as well as legendary events and figures from the generation.


Basil Hyman’s ‘visual diary’, divided into themed categories, depicts significant movements, trends and shifts in British industries, chronicling a broad range of subjects such as the ‘staycation’ and popularity of Butlins; the impact of transport and the rise of the holiday abroad; leisurely pursuits such as ballroom dance hall culture, theatre and music alongside quintessentially British sporting days out at Wimbledon, Ascot and Lords. Hyman also dedicates an intimate chapter to legendary music manager of the Beatles, Brian Epstein, revealing pictures behind the scenes.



In addition to the library of images portraying public events and everyday life, H Hyman spontaneously scatters personal moments from his own life including his wedding, trips from Butlins to exotic destinations abroad and general social scenes surrounded by family and friends. Photographs Found is accompanied by a collection of replica playbills and programmes, ticket stubs, travel brochures and magazine covers – nostalgic knick-knacks from a bygone way of life.


Hyman’s lifelong interest in photography stems from his 9th birthday when he was presented with his first Baldinette camera. His private passion for capturing a scene on film or cine, whether it was a memorable public event or a spontaneous personal moment, has developed into a detailed recording of history supported by a plethora of photographs.


Photographs Found is part of a developing series of books dedicated to remembering a past era captured on film and celebrating all parts of life that are wonderfully British.


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