Q&A with Leontia Reilly

Do you have a background in art? 

Yes, I studied a contemporary art course focusing on curating in Leeds and I’ve run
several galleries throughout Europe and London. 

What made you decide to champion emerging and established artists?

For me it’s really about the work, I have to have a connection with the art. I’m
constantly looking and finding new artists I love and would like to champion. 
What is the purpose of art?
That is a big question! Art can change the world, it can socially incite change;
personally art can change the way you see the world. Art can uplift the soul - there
are so many types of art with a multitude of different interpretations that it would
be impossible for me to answer that question in one sentence!
You recently hosted a pop-up exhibition in Hoxton. Can you tell us a little bit more about it - its genesis, its theme and purpose?

The exhibition is actually still running and will close on the 10th of November. 

I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of “memories” and the past, so I’ve
chosen artists that have all in some way been inspired by the past, from Butch
Anthony’s re-appropriated found paintings, Sara Le-Roy's interpretations of
fairytales and folk lore, to Nina Fowler’s look at the underbelly of stardom in
Hollywood’s golden era. 

The show is extremely eclectic with artists working in completely different mediums
and styles, from neon works, to 3D paintings and sculptures; so far we have had a
really great reaction from the public. People have come away feeling really inspired
either to paint or create or to change or contemplate something in their lives
personally. One of the neon pieces by Lauren Baker “Everything is going To Be
Fucking Amazing” has actually inspired a visitor to take the final step and
completely change her career direction! 

So my goal was to inspire people, and so far it’s being achieved!


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