Roman Ondák at Deutsche Guggenheim: 26 April – 18 June 2012


Roman Ondák:
do not walk outside this area
26 April – 18 June 2012Roman Ondák was selected as Deutsche Bank’s “Artist of the Year 2012”. With his installations, performances, and drawings, the Slovakian artist, who was born in 1966, investigates the borders between art and everyday life. Ondák’s interventions usually occur in places primarily devoted to art: in museums and galleries, at biennials and art fairs. He changes or stages situations such that expectations and conventions begin to totter.
At the Deutsche Guggenheim, he also puzzles visitors. The path through the installation leads via the original wing of a Boeing 737-500, which enjoins two exhibition rooms like a bridge. To reach the second part of the exhibition, the visitor walks over the wing in the area marked: “Do not walk outside this area,” entering the unreachable surface that otherwise can only be seen out of the window of an aircraft cabin. Like a red thread, the theme of travel and danger runs through Ondák’s works on paper and wall works on view in Berlin.

Opening Hours: Daily, 10 am – 8 pm


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