Sophie Calle – Arles & Avignon


“Pour la dernière et pour la première fois”
2 July – 2 September 2012
Les Rencontres d’Arles, Chapelle Saint-Martin du Méjan, France

“Rachel, Monique”
Opening Saturday 7 July 2012 at 3 pm / 8 – 28 July 2012
Festival d’Avignon, Eglise des Célestins, France

A new solo exhibition by Sophie Calle “Pour la dernière et pour la première fois” will be presented during the Rencontres d’Arles, at the Chapelle Saint-Martin du Méjan from July 2nd to September 2nd 2012 and then at Galerie Perrotin, Paris from September 8th to October 27th 2012. >>>

Two series will be displayed :

“La Dernière Image”, 2010
“I went to Istanbul. I spoke to blind people, most of whom had lost their sight suddenly. I asked them to describe the last thing they saw.” “La Dernière Image”, created in 2010 in Istanbul, historically known as ‘the city of the blind’, gives a voice to men and women who have lost their sight in order to ask them the last image they remember, their last memory of the visible world.

“Voir la mer”, 2010
“I went to Istanbul, a city surrounded by water. I met people who lived there and had never seen the sea. I filmed their first time.” In ‘Voir la mer’, Sophie Calle invited inhabitants of Istanbul, often coming from central Turkey, to see the sea for the first time, as shot through the camera eye of Caroline Champetier.

With the kind support of Editions Actes Sud

The exhibition “Rachel, Monique” will be featured at the Festival d’Avignon, Eglise des Célestins from July 8th to July 28th 2012. On this occasion, a book will be published by Editions Xavier Barral. >>>

“She has been called successively Rachel, Monique, Szyndler, Calle, Pagliero, Gonthier, Sindler. My mother liked to be the object of discussion. Her life did not appear in my work, and that annoyed her. When I set up my camera at the foot of the bed in which she was dying – fearing that she would pass away in my absence, though I wanted to be present and hear her last words – she exclaimed: ‘Finally’.

I will read the diary of my mother for the first time. This church seemed an auspicious place to face it. Aside from a few pages selected by the editor and published in the book “Rachel, Monique,” I don’t know what I will discover. I don’t know if I will read in one sitting, at regular intervals, or when I please. I don’t know how long this reading will take. I promise only to finish it before the festival ends. ”

With the kind support of The Fondation Luma and The Fondation Louis Roederer.



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