Svenja Deininger at Kunsthalle Krems/Factory


Exhibition runs from 15 July to 30 September 2012

Kunsthalle Krems
Steiner Landstraße 3
3500 Krems an der Donau

Contrasting layers of various geometric forms create the different surface qualities of the paintings by the Viennese painter Svenja Deininger (b. 1974). Her examination in painting of the possibilities and limitations of the medium is articulated in a specific handling of the materiality of the picture support, the primer and the power of color to create form and space which is inscribed as a process into her pictures and presented as a field of optical contradictions.The delicate balance of the internal and external, flatness and depth, harmony and consciously created confusion create a dialectical movement of oscillation between positions.
The fact that the painter does not work according to what is seen but rather examines the conditions of vision itself can also be sensed in the central significance of the color white for her work. Both as paint and primer, it emphasizes the materiality of the picture support. In its opacity, it simultaneously creates optical phenomena such as light-dark transitions, depth of space or the modeling of forms. Both with the material and purely visual effect, different spaces are made by contiguous surfaces and translucency that, according to the artist, are not “a translation of the physical world into painting, not about color as a symbolic language but rather as ambiance (…).”

Following Svenja Deininger’s opening, the exhibitions „Francis Picabia. Retrospektive“ and „Elmar Trenkwalder. Ornament und Obesession” will be opened at 6 p.m. at Kunsthalle Krems.


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