Takashi Murakami designs google summer solstice logo


Takashi Murakami has contributed the latest so-called Google logo – or doodle – a time-specific embellishment of the search engine’s corporate logo meant to commemorate a significant occasion. In this instance, it represented the official start of summer 2011.

Consequently, Murakami has become one of the most searched-for artist on google within the past fortnight.

The ‘doodles’ are in a controversial cartoon style referred to as “superflat” – a flattening of distinctions between commercialism and aetheticism. This is an art movement led by Murakami which is intended to introduce the international art scene to various Japanese artists.

Several years ago, Murakami’s ‘Hiropon’ sculpture sold at Sotheby’s for more than $7 million. Naturally, Google did not employ the Hiropon for it’s marking of the calendar.



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