The 17th Annual LA Art Show: Modern & Contemporary


The 17th Annual LA Art Show: Modern & Contemporary will feature new works by artists Damien Hirst and photographer David Bailey. New works by Hirst include ‘The Souls’ series of shimmering foil-­‐block butterfly prints and gold foil block skulls ‘Death or Glory.’ Bailey will exhibit new works of still lives, fashion images, and portraits. Both artists are represented by Paul Stolper Contemporary Art Gallery from London, UK.

Additional gallery highlights include a collection of works by Tom Holland, one of California’s most significant contemporary artists. His work will be presented by David Richards Contemporary from Santa Fe, NM and will feature pieces from the 1960s, a period in which Holland’s work transitioned from traditional painting to more literal, three-­‐dimensional constructions. Tom Holland’s work is in the collections of many major museums in the USA, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Guggenheim Museum, the Whitney Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

Pan American Art Projects from Miami, FL will feature Oakland-­‐based artist Tracey Snelling, based on her experiences in China and the United States. Jack Rutberg Fine Arts from Los Angeles, CA will showcase many artists including Jordi Alcaraz, Karel Appel, Norman Bluhm, Hans Burkhardt, George Condo, Clarie Falkenstein, Patrick Graham, George Herms, Pablo Picasso, Ruth Weisberg, Jerome Witkin, and Francisco Zuniga. The LA Art Show: Modern & Contemporary will feature select Chinese galleries that have never before exhibited in the United States. Chinese artists include Im Jari and Zhang Xianyong, represented by FQ Projects from Shanghai; China, Jiang Peng Yi, represented by ME Photo Gallery from Beijing; China, and woodblock prints by Liu Qingyuan from CM2 Gallery, from Los Angeles.

The LA Art Show: Modern & Contemporary is committed to showing high quality works ranging from Jamie Reid, Ed Ruscha, Armando Romero, David Hockney, Roy Lichtenstein, Arshile Gorky, Jim Dine, Andy Warhol, Fernando Botero, and others. Designed to showcase both cutting-­‐edge artwork as well as ‘forward thinking’ artists, the show will feature performance pieces, mixed media installations, video installations, contemporary paintings and a sculpture garden.

The LA Art Show: Modern & Contemporary will feature additional curated spaces including Hypoxia artist James Peterson. Curated by The Los Angeles Art Association, Hypoxia will be a flowing form designed in the likeliness of algae blooms. This ‘organism’ will wash over the space and redefine the momentum of traffic. Fabien Castantier Gallery will present a live art performance by celebrated Parisian graffiti artist, Speedy Graphito. Graphito will paint on-­site throughout the 4-­day show.

The LA Art Show: Modern & Contemporary Symposia Series focus’ on the confluence of art & design with interactive discussions led by Milton Esterow, Suzanne Lacy, and book signing by renowned artist Hunt Slonem.


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