The Tiffany & Co. Foundation names the Jewellery Gallery at the Rijksmuseum


The Tiffany & Co. Foundation approved a grant to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for the creation of the Tiffany & Co. Foundation Gallery, dedicated to the exquisite jewellery collection of the museum, which plans to reopen in spring of 2013. Displayed in a 15 meter-length spectacular showcase, three hundred pieces of jewellery from the 8th century to the 1960s will emphasize the continuity in jewellery art.

After a nine-year renovation, the new Rijksmuseum will open its doors in the spring of 2013. In the new Rijksmuseum, paintings, images, historical objects and applied arts will be displayed together in context, offering a comprehensive study of Dutch art and culture. A wing specially designed for the purpose will house the Rijksmuseum’s Special Collections. Large sub-collections will be on display there, including the Jewellery Collection, expected to be one of the main attractions of the newly renovated building.

The Tiffany & Co. Foundation Gallery at the Rijksmuseum will be a treasure trove of the highest quality jewellery that appeals to a wide international audience. Conserving, researching, restoring, presenting and digitizing the jewellery collection of the Rijksmuseum, which includes more than 850 pieces in total, is now possible with the grant from The Tiffany & Co. Foundation. The creation of this jewellery gallery is the first major gift from The Tiffany & Co. Foundation to a museum in Europe.

Wim Pijbes, General Director of the Rijksmuseum: ‘The Rijksmuseum is very proud to welcome the Foundation of this world famous American house of jewellery. This important gift will let our beautiful jewellery collection shine again.’

Anisa Kamadoli Costa, President – The Tiffany & Co. Foundation ‘We are proud to support the creation of the Tiffany & Co. Foundation Gallery, dedicated to jewellery, at the Rijksmuseum in its much anticipated re-opening next year. The Foundation seeks to promote the importance of inspiring design and jewellery’s role in the arts, through its display at world-class institutions, such as the Rijksmuseum.’


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