Whitechapel Gallery: 2013 Exhibitions & Projects


Whitechapel Gallery announces 2013 Exhibitions & Projects

Major exhibitions

Gerard Byrne
17 January – 8 March 2013, Galleries 1, 8 & Victor Petitgas Gallery (Gallery 9)
The first major UK survey of Irish artist Gerard Byrne. He is renowned for his films which revisit historic moments and conversations, ranging from an interview with philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre; science fiction writers Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov discussing the future; and articles from Playboy magazine. His diverse subjects have encompassed stories around the Loch Ness monster, the location of a Samuel Beckett play, or the history of Minimalist art. The exhibition traces Byrne’s work from 2003 to today and includes seven major film installations, a series of photographs and the UK premiere of his multi-screen installation, A man and a woman make love (2012).
A man and a woman make love (2012) was presented at 2012’s dOCUMENTA (13) international art survey.

Gert & Uwe Tobias
16 April – 16 June 2013, Gallery 1
Born in Transylvania, identical twins Gert and Uwe Tobias paint, sculpt, make traditional woodcut prints and draw with a typewriter.  Working together since 2001, when in their studio they often finish each other’s work, picking up where the other left off, so their art often evolves from the deeply shared understanding that twins sometimes develop.  Their work is full of strange faces and creatures drawn from eastern European folk art which is combined with the influences of Russian abstract art from the early 20th century. The artists’ large woodcut prints, collages and wall paintings of vibrant, jewel-like colours are part of a site-specific installation specially conceived for the Gallery.

2013: The Spirit of Utopia
4 July – 12 September 2013, Galleries 1, 8, Victor Petitgas Gallery (Gallery 9), Outset Project Gallery (Gallery 5) & 176/Zabludowicz Collection Project Gallery (Gallery 6)
A group show exploring the role of art in imagining the future. With a focus on social organisation, alternative economies and the environment, the exhibition presents artists who act as agents of change in the world. Combining major historic works with new commissions and recent artistic developments, the Gallery presents work by artists, architects and designers including Yto Barrada, Peter Liversidge and Pedro Reyes and collectives Time/Bank and Wayward Plants.
The exhibition has been conceived jointly by Iwona Blazwick, Daniel F. Herrmann, Kirsty Ogg, Sofia Victorino and Nayia Yiakoumaki.

Sarah Lucas
2 October – December 2013, Galleries 1, 8 & Victor Petitgas Gallery (Gallery 9)
One of Britain’s leading sculptors, the Gallery presents a new exhibition of Sarah Lucas in a tailor-made commission for the Whitechapel Gallery. Her witty works use inanimate objects to take the shape of bodies, whether the table-top Two Fried Eggs and a Kebab (1992) or Au Naturel (1994) which sees a mattress where fruit, vegetables and a bucket become a readymade portrait of a couple in bed.  This is the first major solo exhibition in London of Sarah Lucas’s work and assesses the vital role she plays in British art, sculpture and feminism, with iconic works including Unknown Soldier (2003) and the Bunnyseries and presents new works specially made for the show.


Collection Sandretto Re Rebaudengo
Until 8 September 2013, Gallery 7
The Whitechapel Gallery presents rarely seen works of art from the Collection Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. Since the 1990s Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo has collected contemporary art. One of the most important private collections in Europe, it includes leading international artists such as Doug Aitken, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Thomas Demand, Damien Hirst, Paul McCarthy, Sarah Lucas, Anish Kapoor and Mike Kelley. Four displays at the Gallery over one year show highlights from the collection and draw on its themes. The presentation is part of the Whitechapel Gallery’s ongoing programme showing  rarely-seen public and private collections. Displays include:

  • Collection Sandretto Re Rebaudengo: Viral Research, 15 December 2012 – 10 March 2013. A display of works centred around Charles Ray’s sculpture Viral Research (1986). Other highlights include film stills by Cindy Sherman.
  • Collection Sandretto Re Rebaudengo: A Love Meal, 19 March – 9 June 2013. Exploring  portraiture and the construction of identity through works by artists including Pawel Althamer, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Damian Ortega and Wael Shawky.
  • Collection Sandretto Re Rebaudengo: Have you seen me before?, 18 June – 8 September 2013. Works including  a large polar bear covered in yellow feathers by Paola Pivi and a Christmas tree by Philippe Parreno play on the idea of the absurd.
    The Whitechapel Gallery Collections programme is supported by: Hiscox.

Aspen Magazine
Until 3 March 2013, Pat Matthews Gallery (Gallery 4)
The cult 1960s magazine Aspen featured contributions by artists, musicians and writers including Peter Blake, William S.Burroughs, John Cage, Ossie Clark, Marcel Duchamp, David Hockney, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Lou Reed and Andy Warhol. Few magazines remain and the Whitechapel Gallery is displaying all ten in the series of rarely seen editions. On show are Andy Warhol and David Dalton’s Pop Art issue including a detergent box cover, and a special British issue with British Knickers, a sewing pattern by fashion designer Ossie Clark, souvenirs found by Peter Blake and the Lennon Diary 1969, a diary of the future written by the Beatles musician.
The Whitechapel Gallery archive exhibitions are generously supported by Catherine and Franck Petitgas.

Contemporary Art Society
18 September 2013 – Summer 2014, Gallery 7
As part of the Gallery’s on-going programme of opening up public and private collections, the Gallery presents a series of displays curated in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Society.  Founded in 1910, the Society has donated thousands of works of modern and contemporary art to publicly-funded museums and galleries in the UK, and continues to support and develop contemporary art collections through the gifting of works, advocacy and advice. The displays show works drawn from these collections including gifts from the Contemporary Art Society over the last 100 years, brought together from across England for the first time.
The Whitechapel Gallery Collections programme is supported by: Hiscox

Black Eyes and Lemonade
9 March – 1 September 2013, Pat Matthews Gallery (Gallery 4)
An archive display revisiting the Whitechapel Gallery’s 1951 exhibition coinciding with the Festival of Britain featuring the ‘things that people make or are manufactured to their taste’, which challenged established ideas about the cultural value attached to particular kinds of objects. The exhibition included Idris the talking lemon advertising lemon squash, lavishly decorated pub mirrors emblazoned with spirits and liqueurs presentation and explored topics including advertising, drinking, tattooing, toys, pets, festivities and souvenirs. This presentation includes some of the original exhibits, including the iconic 1950s fireplace in the shape of an Airedale dog and explores Barbara Jones’ approach to curating popular art.
The Whitechapel Gallery archive exhibitions are generously supported by Catherine and Franck Petitgas.

Acme Studios
7 September 2013 – March 2014, Pat Matthews Gallery (Gallery 4)
Founded by Jonathan Harvey and David Panton in 1972, Acme Studios is a London-based charity providing affordable studio space, residencies and awards for artists. Through this provision it continues to make a vital contribution to the development of art and artists’ careers. This archive display traces the influential artists that Acme Studios has supported and its innovative model of public/private partnerships to provide studio space.
The Whitechapel Gallery archive exhibitions are generously supported by Catherine and Franck Petitgas.

Artists’ Film International
Throughout 2013, Zilkha Auditorium
Artists’ Film International showcases international artists working with film, video and animation as selected by 12 partner organisations around the world, including Afghanistan, India, New Zealand, Norway, Morocco and Vietnam. The Whitechapel Gallery’s selected artist for 2013 is Jessica Warboys, whose film Pageant Role (2012) fuses the iconography of British mysticism with Modernism.


The Bloomberg Commission: Giuseppe Penone
5 September 2012 – August 2013, Gallery 2
Over the past 45 years, Italian artist Giuseppe Penone has examined our relationship to nature. For the latest Bloomberg Commission, the Whitechapel Gallery displays a twelve metre bronze cast of a tree, with a radiant gold-leaf interior, spreading across the columned gallery. The tree is carefully balanced on its branches and divided into sections to allow visitors to move between the separate elements. The work contrasts with the urban environment surrounding the Gallery, highlighting hidden nature within the city. The installation is accompanied by talks and events exploring the rich relationship between nature and the city.
Supported by Bloomberg.  Additional support provided by the Wingate Scholarships.  Giuseppe Penone Exhibition Circle: Aishti Foundation, Aud and Paolo Cuniberti.  Catalogue supported by Haunch of Venison and Marian Goodman Gallery.

Max Mara Art Prize for Women: Laure Prouvost
20 March – 7 April 2013, Gallery 1
Laure Prouvost’s gripping short films and intriguing environments unhinge the connection between language and understanding, opening out new and surreal horizons of meaning. She is the latest winner of the Max Mara Art Prize for Women in collaboration with the Whitechapel Gallery which celebrates the aesthetic and intellectual contribution that women artists bring to the contemporary art scene. The Gallery presents her new work inspired by her experiences during her Italian residency after winning the Prize.

Children’s Art Commission: Simon and Tom Bloor
19 March – 9 June 2013, Outset Project Gallery (Gallery 5) & 76/Zabludowicz Collection Project Gallery (Gallery 6)
Every year the Whitechapel Gallery commissions an artist to make a work of art that engages with children.  Leading artists Jake & Dinos Chapman, Alan Kane, Eva Rothschild and Jessica Voorsanger have previously made works of art for the Commission. This new work of art by Simon and Tom Bloor is presented alongside their work from the last year with Hermitage Primary School in east London.

Whitechapel Gallery at Windsor
8 December 2013 – April 2014, The Gallery at Windsor, Vero Beach, Florida
The Whitechapel Gallery presents the latest exhibition for its curatorial partnership with The Gallery at Windsor, Vero Beach, Florida. It is the third annual exhibition curated by the Whitechapel Gallery in partnership with Windsor’s co-founder and Creative Director The Hon. Hilary M. Weston, to coincide with Art Basel Miami Beach.


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