World‘s largest painting consisting of 1000 pieces is exhibiting in Europe


The opening of a very unique, large scale art project called “One Thousand Angels and One Painting” is in Prague (Czech Republic), presented by  the world renown artist from Asia, Lekim Ibragimov, on July, 9, 2012.


The famous “One Thousand and One Nights” fairy tale inspired the artist to create this ambitious project. The incarnation of the idea is unique, as no one in contemporary art has done this before. The canvas consists of 1000 individual paintings, each depicting an angel. And in the end all these thousand pieces unite together to form a 528 sq. meter, completely unique painting with its own story based on the legendary Oriental tales. The artist applied his project for the Guinness World Records as ‘World‘s largest painting, consisting of 1000 pieces‘.


The exhibition will run from 9-21 July.


For more information you can visit the web site of the project which is available in 4 languages.

Also, you can watch promo video about project


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