Private viewings

The Art Collector has launched private visits, tours, viewings of art collections around the world, many of which are not open to the public.

The visits are accompanied, with talks by collectors, curators and dealers/gallery owners.

Groups are strictly limited in numbers. As spaces are oversubscribed, bookings are made on a first come basis.

The Art Collector tours:


Senegal: Visiting private collections, artists’ studios and museums in West Africa (where the Tate has recently set up its own acquisitions committee).


Greece: A unique opportunity to go to a private 3 day event held in Athens and the island of Hydra showcasing the recent acquisitions of one of the world top private contemporary art collectors. The other attendees are la creme de la creme of the art collecting world and to meet them in social context is quite exceptional.


Singapore: Visit the launch event of Pearl Lam Galleries. Organised tour of other high profile galleries and private collections.Attending private gallery launch parties.


The Art Collector will organise flights, transfers and accommodation throughout.

For dates, prices and further information, contact us via

Part of the proceeds are donated to the Linveco Cultural Foundation, both UK registered charities. A portion of the costs associated with the tour is therefore tax-deductable to UK tax payers.


For private viewings to exhibitions please apply to Registration is free but there may be a cost to attend.