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ANTHONY RUSSELL, born and raised in Kenya and raised in the UK, is an artist, designer, musician, and most of all, mad-keen conservationist with a passion for lions and Maasai culture. The son of a famed Kenyan hunter and safari operator, Anthony has drawn upon a lifetime of experience in the East African wilderness, a deep knowledge of tribal culture and a rebellious and artistic spirit to create some of Africa’s most desirable and eco-friendly luxury safari camps and lodges, including Che Shale at the Coast and Galdessa in the Tsavo Game Reserve. In addition, he has worked with Richard Leakey, Ian Douglas Hamilton, the Honourable Member of Parliament George Saitoti, Paul Allen and Donna Karen on community design orientation projects and pure wildlife protection projects. Anthony has had the support of his endeavours from Calvin Klein and Stephano Gabbana to Ronnie Wood &David Bailey, and foundations such as the Ford Foundation, the UN and the European Union biodiversity programs.

Limited editions of Anthony Russell’s work are available to purchase. He is also available for specially commissioned projects.

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