Artist of the month: Nigel Dudson


Fine art photographer Nigel Dudson is our chosen artist of the month. A fine art photographer, his images are striking for the contrast of textures, as well as their candid realism.

As a child I always wanted to be creative but was never very good. At the age of 18 I was given a chance and my love affair began; I had finally found a way to express myself but unfortunately due to costs my affair didn’t last for long.
I married young and in my twenties I managed to get some work training to be a wedding photographer on medium format. I went out alone for about a year before the business wound up with retirement of the owner and it was back to doing what ever I could again.
Then three and a half years ago my wife bought me a digital camera for my birthday. Being digital, it was a completely new concept and so I had to learn all over again. Due to ill health for the last 3 years with graves disease I have missed a lot of time from work. On the plus side it has given me the opportunity to learn.
My camera has become a bit of a safety blanket to help me deal with the anxiety caused by this disease and so I never go anywhere without it.
I am currently loving my photography and trying lots of new things in order to develop my own style. Hopefully over the coming months I will finally reach the top of my game. My thyroid has been destroyed so once they get my medication right I will be back to normal and working again which will increase my opportunity to go to great places.
Ii hope you enjoy looking through this selection of my art.”


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