Brand Collective Launches Traveling Member’s Club – FOLD


September 2012 will see the launch of FOLD – the brainchild of Apartment 58, ZEO and Klaus Haapaniemi – a collaborative project seeking to provide a creative hub like no other.


The three brands came together through a common desire to nurture creativity and discover new experiences under the FOLD concept, which will debut at Design Junction on 19-23rd September, followed by LFW and Frieze Art Fair.


FOLD – which has taken its inspiration from Apartment 58’s home from home concept, ZEO’s unconventional vision of the wonderfully unusual and unique design by artist and designer Mia Wallenius – can easily be transported and rebuilt at various worldwide design events and is designed to seamlessly function as a gallery, lounge, bar and event space


Designer Mia Wallenius commissioned architects Mansikkamäki+JOY to create unique bar Fold. The bespoke furniture are reminiscent of Nordic red and white wooden houses and are painted with the traditional red paint, made by boiling colour pigments with rye and wheat flours. Textures of rough spruce and sleek metal are juxtaposed with the delicate upholstering of chairs with the hand woven silk brocades. Beautifully detailed and hand tufted Klaus Haapaniemi rugs are made into tables. The centrepiece of the gallery is an unique art handicraft Purple Haze rya rug that has been especially waved by The Friends of Finnish Handicrafts. The motif from the rya is translated into the special bar where Haapaniemi's fantasy narrative meets the visual language of ZEO. The bar folds into trunks for transportation and when unfolded reveals the delicate brass details of Haapaniemi's galloping horses, creating a truly unique atmosphere for FOLD.


Throughout the day, members will have access to the latest technology including the newest Apple gadgets and an online network and App that allows for networking outside of the space as well as access to the Apartment 58 iTunes juke box. At night, it will transform into a unique event space where some of London’s finest will gather.


Food and drink will be a strong focus for FOLD where the ZEO bar team will provide an encyclopaedic knowledge of drinks, creativity and standard of service with sensory experiential ZEO cocktails on the menu, providing members with morning to late night choices.


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