TOMIO KOYAMA GALLERY Singapore “Masahiko Kuwahara, Yoshitomo Nara, Hiroshi Sugito”


Masahiko Kuwahara’s works well reflect the neglected oddities of the modern world that we live in. Depicted on the canvas with humorous motifs in soft tones, the emptiness and loneliness felt by the modern people indescribably turn into a kind of salvation.

Yoshitomo Nara
, as one of the leading artists of Japan’s Contemporary Art, continues to fascinate people around the world with his diverse works: paintings of children and animals that leave an unforgettable impression, drawings made like a diary, sculptures, and large-scale installations.

Hiroshi Sugito
is considered as one of the artists who represent the next generation of Yoshitomo Nara and Takashi Murakami. Sugito’s works often cross back and forth the line between abstract and figurative paintings. Motifs of plants, butterflies, houses, cars and planes are often turned into abstract patterns, composing a fascinating mysterious space on canvas.


“TOMIO KOYAMA GALLERY Singapore”, the first overseas branch of Tomio Koyama Gallery is located at “Gillman Barracks”, which is a new promising arts hub in Singapore/Asia.

Gillman Barracks used to be a facility for British military force during the colonial time and for Singaporean Armed Forces after 1979. From 2010, the Singapore government started to renovate the historical buildings in such area, turning the spot into an art destination with the fulfillment of art galleries, Center of Contemporary Art (CCA) and Artist-in-Residence.

Tomio Koyama Gallery is one of the selected galleries, and will keep introducing contemporary art from the perspectives of Japan, Asia and the world.

【Artist Profile】

Masahiko Kuwahara was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1959. He has held solo exhibitions at Richard Heller Gallery (Santa Monica, 2008), and Tomio Koyama Gallery (7 times) among others. His major group exhibitions include “TOKYO POP” (Hiratsuka Museum of Art, Kanagawa, 1996), traveling exhibition “The Japanese Experience – Inevitable” (Ursula Blickle Stiftung, Kraichtai, Germany, 2002) and “Portrait Session” (Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art/Nadiff, Tokyo, 2007).

Yoshitomo Nara was born in Hirosaki, Aomori prefecture, Japan in 1959. He received B.F.A. (1985) and M.F.A. (1987) from Aichi Prefectural University of Art. In 1988, he started his studies at Kunstakademie Duesseldorf, Germany. After graduated from the school in 1993, he continued to stay in Cologne and returned to Japan in 2000. Nara’s recent major solo exhibitions include “Nobody’s fool” at Asia Society (New York, 2010) and “Yoshitomo Nara: A little bit like you and me” which started at Yokohama Museum of Art in July, 2012, and is touring to Aomori Museum of Art and Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto. The tour will then go on in Asia and Oceania.

Hiroshi Sugito was born in Aichi prefecture, Japan in 1970 and had lived in New York while he was 4 to 14 years old. He graduated from the Aichi Prefectural University of Arts and Music (Japanese painting) in 1992. He lives and works in Aichi prefecture, Japan. Sugito has shown in numerous domestic and international exhibitions. His major solo exhibitions include “April Song” at The Sculpture Garden Museum, Japan (2006), “Focus” at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, U.S.A (2006) and “paintings and sketches” at Japan Creative Centre (JCC), Singapore (2011-2012).


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