FUTURE PLANS, Solo Exhibition Featuring New Works by Jess Littlewood 1-4 Nov 2012 @The Contemporary London


The Contemporary London presents Future Plans, a solo exhibition of new works by British artist Jess Littlewood.

Littlewood creates complex, eerily beautiful and otherworldly imagined landscapes from an archive of collected images. These images are manipulated to create landscapes where the struggles and tribulations of human kind are tested and the tumultuous will of nature will be played out.

The transient settlers in these landscapes remain unseen, yet the footprint of absence alludes to signs of human determination, cult-like and ritualistic behaviour, broken down hierarchies and a struggle for Utopia.

This newest body of work marks an apocalyptic end and a brave new beginning. Triangles of psychedelic colour illuminate the night skies, cutting shards of light through darkness, shining a fleeting light on the new. As the monochromatic is consumed by colour, glimpses of survival and hope appear, alluding to a new alternative way of life, perhaps one that accepts its own limitations, and suggests a purer existence alongside nature.

Future Plans continues to question the strength of our belief systems, their continual place in human society and our intrinsic human desire to understand our own existence.

Jess Littlewood was born in Surrey, UK. Littlewood lives and works in London.  Littlewood studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London.

Recent exhibitions include Earth Works, PPOW Gallery, New York; Per Annum: 12, The Contemporary London, London; Art projects, London Art Fair; Out of Ruins, Hotel Elephant Gallery, London (Solo Exhibition).

To browse Jess Littlewood’s previous works please click here.


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