Homage To Picasso London & Memories of Doves & Pigeons

The Albemarle Gallery is very proud to present the final stage of a trilogy of exhibitions dedicated to Jamil Naqsh’s passion and admiration of one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century.
In a still rapidly expanding art world, Jamil Naqsh holds a key position. He is the best known contemporary artist from Pakistan, long famous in his own country, and also well-established in international auctions.
The majority of the works in this inspired and visionary collection have never  previously been exhibited, and were specifically reserved for Homage to Picasso London.
Jamil Naqsh: Homage to Picasso
28 Jun – 21 Jul 2012

Following World War II, the new generation of artists in Pakistan, to which Naqsh then belonged, was thrust into a new aesthetic world by the colour illustrated art magazines and books that were then becoming widely available internationally. Essentially this meant that the achievements of the European and American Modern Movements hit them all at once, rather than arriving in historical sequence. Picasso was not a remote, venerated elder. He was someone with whom they could imagine having a conversation – a conversation on equal terms.

Jamil Naqsh: Memories of Doves & Pigeons
28 Jun – 21 Jul 2012

In Pakistan, Jamil Naqsh is probably best known for his paintings featuring pigeons, or pigeons with beautiful women. These refer to a very particular aspect of his own past, as well as to specific aspects of Pakistani culture. When Naqsh was forced to leave Kairana, in Uttar Pradesh, where he was born, amid the violent turmoil of Partition, he was in his teens. After the turmoil subsided, he returned, to find that a familiar domestic world, which had seemed completely stable, to all intents and purposes immutable, had vanished.

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