Logan Hicks: Structural Integrity 20th July – 25th August 2012 The Outsiders London 8 Greek Street W1D 4DG


Lauded New York-based painter and stencil art innovator, Logan Hicks returns to London for his inaugural exhibition at The Outsiders London from 20 July.

Logan Hicks is widely recognised as a pioneer in the stencil art medium. His breathtaking, meticulous, multi-layered, photorealistic paintings detail the city, from its grandest edifices, ancient or ultra-modern, to its lowliest alleyways and forgotten underbelly.


The new body of work marks a departure from Hicks’ traditional monochromatic palette. Gone are the sombre hues of his past, the paintings now embrace a colourful palette not often seen in previous work. This new spirit not only brings the landscapes to life, but also the people contained within them.


When quizzed about his focus on architecture and the urban landscape, Hicks states: “When I walk through the streets, I see all these buildings and I wonder what stories they have to tell. How many people have lived out their lives in each room, of each building, on each street corner? How many times has someone walked down a street and felt like they were invincible? Or walked down that very same street thinking about ending their life? Every square inch of the city has millions of stories to tell. My work is a tribute to the events that have played out on its streets and inside its walls. My work reflects on the events that have come before me.”
Of his work as a whole, Hicks explains, “I like the permanence of architecture. The idea that emotions and people flow in and out of these structures as they themselves remain stoic, emotionless – a witness to the vitality of surrounding life.”
In addition to paintings, Hicks will debut a body of photographs captured over the past five years. Many of these photos are taken deep inside active metropolitan railway systems where few have dared to tread.  This ‘inside-out’ look at the city splendidly complements the ‘surface level’ subject matter of the accompanying paintings.


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