Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Robert Montgomery: Collaborative Drawings London/Paris Love Letters

For the first exhibition in her new space in Soho Alex Eagle presents a series of collaborative drawings by Paris artist and designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and London artist Robert Montgomery. The drawings were made by mailing works in progress between Castelbajac’s studio in Paris and Montgomery’s studio in London with the artists drawing on the same page-  a mail art conversation crossing the channel back and forth, like love letters.
Castelbajac illustrates Montgomery’s poetry and Montgomery adds calligraphic lines to Castelbajac’s iconic figures. The process came from spontaneous chalk drawings the two friends began in 2011 while they were both showing at Galerie Nuke in Paris- real time collaborative drawings scrawled on the streets of the Marais or the walls of friends houses after dinner.
The works on paper mix media and are the first example of Castelbajac working in watercolour- a medium Montgomery often works with in his more austere text drawings.
The idea of collaborative drawing in modernism was invented in Paris in the early 20th Century by the Surrealists and Castelbajac and Montgomery
are their contemporary heirs. The drawings celebrate the enduring magic of both cities, the secret romance that follows the route of the
Eurostar, and hallucinate angels above the rooftops of the 10eme and W1.
Alex Eagle is driven by a fascination for timeless objects and fashion that eschews trends, instead focusing on provenance and expertly crafted
design. In 2015 she opened her eponymous shop on Walton street, moving into a new, larger premises in Lexington Street, Soho, in May 2016. The space is a physical embodiment of Alex’s belief that the way we shop is changing, and the expansive, light-filled space is not only a retail space but an invigorating creative hub housing her own studio and showroom and
operating as an event and gallery space. The eclectic edit of fashion, her own label, art, furniture and unique curiosities ensure that the space is front, and centre, of mind for those who want to hang out and be inspired.
6-10 Lexington Street,
Soho, London.

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