Lauren Baker solo show: TRANSITION


British artist Lauren Baker, whose work has already graced the walls and halls of the Tate Modern and V&A, is thrilled to announce her brand new solo exhibition – TRANSITION – at the iconic and newly refurbished The Club at The Ivy on July 31st.

In her first solo show for two years, Baker has created a wide breadth of stunning pieces that range from her signature sculpture work, including a resin tiger skull painted in strikingly vibrant patterns and a crystal encrusted T- Rex head.

The show features painstakingly intricate mosaic works that transform harsh everyday materials such as pins, needles, matches and thorns, presented in an antitheses of their original purpose.

She will also incorporate some of her notable neon works, as well as the hand painted and embellished skulls that led Vogue Magazine to proclaim her as ‘The Queen of Skulls’ way ahead of the trend back in 2013.

Baker’s explosive arrival into the art scene has very unorthodox roots. She didn’t go to art school, instead her journey into art began by quitting her job and traveling to the Peruvian Amazon. She spent time with shamans learning from them and experiencing the profound effects of being immersed in nature, leaving with a new found sense of purpose and determination that has led her to unprecedented success in only four years as an artist.

Of her time in the Amazon, Baker said; “That’s where I learnt to think freely and believe that anything is possible”.

Ben Vickers of the Serpentine Gallery, London, dubbed Baker “An art world anomaly” for her unconventional art path and speedy success.

Lauren has already created installations in three of the world’s most renowned museums – Tate Modern, Tate Britain and The V&A.

Carey Robinson of The Tate labeled her ‘an artist to watch out for’, and Rachel De Woolfsen of the V&A affirmed that ‘her immersive installation was provocative and beautifully executed”.

The petite yet potent northerner’s work has sold for six figure sums to collectors from all over the world. Her globetrotting exploits have seen her flown by clients to places as far a field as Qatar and her quest to save wild tigers led her to exhibit across Asia.

Passionate about animals and conservation, Lauren’s artwork has raised over £50k for charity. Lauren is an Ambassador for Save Wild Tigers charity and plans to donate 20% of all profits from TRANSITION to the charity.

Through her work TRANSITION also showcases Baker’s remarkable personal transition. It’s an amalgamation of creative energy taking many forms, yet there is a consistent frequency to her work, which exuberates a certain intrigue.

Using a plethora of materials and thousands of man-hours, she’s ambitious in her varied output and open minded in her style. Her captivating work often ranges from playful to extremely dark, without an apology. She explores energy and interconnectedness, passion and pain. The most prevailing theme at the core of most of Lauren’s work is fragility of life.

Baker said; “TRANSITION has been a brilliant way for me to process the changes I’ve experienced in the last few years, both personally and creatively, using varied mediums to translate my journey”.


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