Lisson Gallery | Jason Martin | Richard Deacon | 10 May 2012

 Jason Martin makes paintings about paint – its materiality, sculptural presence and transformative, alchemical nature. Martin has had solo exhibitions throughout Europe, the United States and Japan including at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, Italy (2009), and the Centro de Arte Contemporàneo de Malaga, Spain (2008).
Pushing the boundaries of painting is at the core of Martin’s creative process. This is evident throughout Infinitive, whether in his series of rich, dark, monochromatic oil on aluminium works, or his vividly intense pigment paintings. In a daring new work in the show entitled Behemoth, Martin has dramatically transcended the two-dimensional. Comprising of layer upon layer of stacked virgin cork coated in pure black pigment, the squatting sculpture accesses a shared primal memory: the Kaaba of Mecca, a mausoleum to a long dead dignitary, and an inviolable alchemist’s box.
About Richard Deacon
British artist Richard Deacon is one of the most important and influential sculptors working today. He was awarded the Turner Prize in 1987 and represented Wales in the 52nd Venice Biennale of Art in 2007. Solo exhibitions include the Musee d’art Moderne et Contemporain, Strasbourg (2010), Madison Square Park, New York (2008) and Tate St Ives (2005).

Throughout his practice, Deacon has employed diverse materials including wood, aluminium, plastic, steel, ceramic, glass, rubber, resin, polycarbonate, leather and cloth: exploiting their potential to create complex and challenging forms. Along with his continued interest in material exploration, Association illustrates Deacon’s fascination with the relationship of the individual component to the structural whole. As with each individual work, where single units combine to complete the form, the exhibition is comprised of unique components conceived as whole: each sculpture essential to the totality of meaning, an association of forms and ideas.
Richard Deacon ‘In Conversation’ 
with Theresa Gleadowe
Thursday 21st June 12.30 – 13.30
Lisson Gallery’s series of lunchtime talks will continue with a conversation between Richard Deacon and Teresa Gleadowe about works in Richard Deacon’s solo exhibition, Association, at Lisson Gallery.
Teresa Gleadowe is a curator, writer, and consultant with extensive experience in contemporary visual arts, both nationally and internationally. In 1992 she joined the academic staff of the Royal College of Art, London, to develop and lead the curating course. She was head of the Curating Contemporary Art department until the summer of 2006, when she left the college to work freelance. Gleadowe writes regularly for Art Monthly and is a commissioning editor for a new series of books titled Exhibition Histories (Afterall, London).

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