New Woodwork by Craig and Teresa Miller at the Chait Galleries Downtown

Now showing at the Chait Galleries Downtown:
Toddler Standley End Table Juniper Candle Holder Lamp Sissy Settler  

“Twisted Function: New Woodwork by Craig and Teresa Miller”

Just as the flowers are curling into bloom, new work by skilled woodworkers, Craig and Teresa Miller, has twisted its way into the Chait Galleries Downtown.

The twisted limbs and irregularly shaped slices of tree trunk combine to create unique furniture that is flawlessly elegant. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, 100% natural and finished without petroleum products, metallic drying agents or harmful lacquers. Salvaged from the fallen pinion and juniper pine trees native to their Southern Colorado home, the husband and wife team expertly apply linseed, tung, beeswax, pine rosin, and citrus solvent to finish their work. The end tables, plant stands, candleholders, and lamps are perfect as a centerpiece or an accent in any living space.

In beginning their wood designs, Craig explains, “We started looking around and saw these unique trees that could be formed into furniture. We made some for ourselves and then started making some for others. Now, each piece is selected for a particular creation.”

See the twisted, yet functional wood creations for yourelf at the Chait Galleries Downtown.

The Chait Galleries Downtown: Monday- Friday 11-6, Saturday 10-5, and Sunday 12-4.


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