Panel discussion Open House ST. AGNES


On Wednesday, 12th September the ST. AGNES Ltd. invites you to a visit of the architectural monument ST. AGNES, prior to the renovations starting this fall and before its relaunch as a center for arts and culture next year.

Largely preserved in its original state, the former community center and church in Berlin-Kreuzberg were built in 1964-67 by German architect Werner Düttmann in the style of Brutalism. Listed as a protected monument, ST. AGNES consists of a church building with a sacristy, chapel and tower, and two adjoining wings, all grouped around a courtyard. After acquiring ST. AGNES from the Archdiocese of Berlin in April 2012 the ST. AGNES real estate and management company Ltd. (ST. AGNES GmbH) carefully developes a renovation system that implements changes while keeping their intervention as minimal as possible with regard to ST. AGNES’ significance for both, the ecclesiastical history and the history of architecture. The nearly 800 square meter church will be converted into an exhibition space, as conveived by Düttmann the annex building located behind the former hall is still being used as a daycare center until 2014 and for appropriation of the remaining spaces inside the former community hall,  interested parties are still being sought.

At a panel discussion the architect Prof. Arno Brandlhuber (Chair of Architecture and Urban Research at the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg)  will present the redevelopment concept with Dr. Franz Schulz (District Mayor of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg), architect Martin Murrenhoff (OMA Rotterdam), Johann König (Gallerist and CEO ST. AGNES Ltd.) and Prof. Dr. Jörg Haspel (Head of Conservation for the Berlin region). Subsequently the  premises will be accessible to the public and from 8pm the artists of Times Bar will hold a barbecue and party.


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