Phil Goodrich


At a high school in central Florida that was focused mainly on football, Phil Goodrich, would sit and draw cartoons of the teachers and athletes that took the surfing lifestyle as a joke.  At the young age of ten, his father would push him into waves and it didn’t take long for surfing to become the sport of choice for Goodrich.  Attending college at Point Loma Nazarene University in the surfer’s paradise of San Diego, California, Goodrich received his degree in Studio Art.  Since graduating, Goodrich has traveled the world in search of perfect waves and beckoning faces for his oil portraits on wood.  It’s when the most important details of his life; travel, music and surfing came together, the artist’s passion is ignited and the artwork starts flowing.  Bold colors cast by the sun’s rays, the reflection of the sky within the Indian Ocean’s waves , and the wrinkles set deep in the faces of blues musicians are painted on wood panels with intense oil colors.  The viewer can almost feel the pain in the eyes of Goodrich’s enigmatic portraits, and feel the sun’s warmth as it flows through the hands of the artist onto the panel.

Limited editions of Phil Goodrich’s work are available to purchase. He is also available for specially commissioned projects.

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