Publication launch, Simon Denny / Joanna Fadyl , Envisaging Vocational Rehabilitation, Friday 27 April 6pm at St Paul St Gallery, AUT


Friday 27 April 6.00 – 7.30pm
ST PAUL St Gallery
AUT University
40 St. Paul Street, Auckland City

Vocational rehabilitation is a term that refers to a process of compelling and enabling people to overcome disability so they can work. This social practice is the starting point for a collaboration between artist Simon Denny and Joanna Fadyl, a PHD candidate at AUT, Auckland whose thesis focuses on this topic. For the joint project Envisaging Vocational Rehabilitation, Denny revisits his artistic interest in topics such as leisure culture, the entertainment industry (video, television) and the aesthetics of an information economy by working with information design. The project consists of a collaborative reorganisation of visual and textual material from Fadyl’s analysis of the definition and role of reintegration into employment and society. Exemplary documents originating from New Zealand’s social history have been compiled and processed by Denny and designer David Bennewith to form a central brochure from where the diverse parts of the project are accessed.

A project by Simon Denny and Joanna Fadyl
Design: David Benewith
Computer Application: in collaboration with Pippin Barr
Twitter feed: Rafaël Rozendaal
Video: in collaboration with Timur Si-Qin

View the video here

Produced with the support of Creative New Zealand.

Copies of Envisaging Vocational Rehabilitation will be available for purchase at a special launch price.


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