ARTPOP is a solo exhibition of work by mixed media artist Keith Haynes. In 2011 Keith literally
burst onto the art scene and has been in perpetual motion ever since. As a teenager it was the album sleeve art of designers like Jamie Reid, Barney Bubbles, Ray Lowery and Linder Sterling that made him want to go to art school where he studied graphic design because he wanted to design album covers. A successful career in the BBC and thirty years later Keith Haynes is on a personal journey of discovery, finding again what originally excited him about art.  He now creates sensational artwork from original vinyl records.  Portraiture, song lyrics, maps and abstraction have all received the Keith Haynes treatment. The result is a series of artworks that fit perfectly into the pop art genre and which are witty, accessible and beautifully presented. It has taken a considerable time to perfect his technique and the scope and ambition of his work is increasing all the time.

This solo exhibition comes at a pivotal moment in Keith’s career.  His work, which has been increasing in scale and complexity, now encompasses other media but the essential subject matter remains based in music and popular culture. ARTPOP is the largest solo show of Keith’s career.

The exhibition will fill both floors of the large gallery space and will encompass early work through to some new exciting developments including neon works and free standing sculpture.

Gallery DIFFERENT has been with Keith on his journey and was the first London fine art gallery to exhibit his work. Directors Neil and Karina Phillips are delighted with the success that Keith has achieved, receiving critical acclaim and finding a place in the affections and collections of art buyers globally. His work has been shown across three continents, and as there seems to be no limit to Keith’s imagination there is unlikely to be any limit on where his career may go next.

The exhibition will also feature an immersive installation by guest artist Roger Miles, one of
Selfridges ‘Bright Young Things’, who currently has one of the Selfridges windows.



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