The Rolling Stone Years By Baron Wolman at Proud Gallery, Chelsea


Proud Galleries is pleased to bring you The Rolling Stone Years; an iconic collection of photographs by legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll photographer Baron Wolman, offering an intriguing insight into the most important period of cultural transformation in music. This exclusive exhibition explores how the innovative genius of one man helped define our visual understanding of this key era in Rock ‘n’ Roll, as he transformed music photography through his idiosyncratic style and spontaneous aesthetic.

As Chief Photographer for Rolling Stone from 1967 to 1970, Wolman pioneered a new genre of iconic rock photography, giving readers unprecedented access to musicians before the days of personal branding. The Rolling Stone cover has embodied generations of popular culture, immortalising writers, filmmakers and musicians, becoming the magazine’s graphic centrepiece. For artists, it is a coveted career achievement, representing the fantasy realm of the Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle. With his unobtrusive approach, Wolman’s techniques resulted in photographs that captured the rawness and emotion of a generation. This exhibition brings together a collection of images that have come to epitomise our collective cultural memory.

With iconic and era defining images of Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Janis Joplin, The Who and The Grateful Dead, this remarkable collection is a tender souvenir of a bygone era. Proud Galleries is honoured to present The Rolling Stone Years, offering a rare opportunity to experience how Wolman guided the creation of the rock star persona, from concert, to cover, to icon.



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