VERBO 2012-2013 / performance art /8a edição / Programa II


VERBO 2012–2013
8th edition / Program II

Galeria Vermelho
July 24, 2012




On July 24, Galeria Vermelho is presenting program #2 of the VERBO 2012–2013 performance art show, featuring actions by Dutch artists Dirk Jan Jager & Paul Glazier, Edward Janssen and Ieke Trinks, the artist duo Vincent Riebeek & Michele Rizzo, and the Brazilian residing in Amsterdam Rose Akras. On the same day, issue # 2 of Revista Tijuana will be released, featuring works by the Fratura group, Lot Meijers, Keila Alaver, Cesar Trinca and Guilherme Peters.


Created by Dirk Jan Jager, who participated in the 2010 edition of VERBO, in partnership with musician Paul Glazier, Leviatã [Leviathan] is an action composed of apparently simple gestures: tied to a rope, Jager repeats movements of ascent and descent ad infinitum, while Glazier transforms the performer’s heartbeat and plays it over a sound system in real time. Jager and Glazier’s Leviatã aims to involve the public, creating a ritualistic atmosphere that approximates the performer’s figure to that of the mythological beast.


In The Visual Evidence of Hours of Common Labor, Edward Janssen suggests a breaking away from bidimensional space by ceaselessly repeating circular movements with a piece of sandpaper on a wooden table. Sound is an important element in this work. It lends the work a minimalist and transcendental tone: the hole created by Janssen in the action suggests an opening to an imaginary and unknown space.


For her part, Ieke Trinks creates artworks based on daily routines, separating things and actions into basic and distinct components as a way of understanding the causal chain of everyday events. Her actions blend sound, movement, objects and text in such a way as to create doubts and, in consequence, impasses between the action and the observer, which prevents the meaning of a proposition from being wholly determined. The artist, who is a member of the artists’ collective TRICKSTER, in Rotterdam, Holland, is participating at VERBO with the action Multiple (Un)Related Causes # 6.


For the artist duo Vincent Riebeek & Michele Rizzo, death is one of the most powerful spectacles that nature has to offer. Dust, an action proposed by the duo for VERBO, intends to question the ways of comprehending life, love, art and sex. The action presents a compilation of movements related with the notion of universal impermanence and the constant comprehension of the mutation and transformation of our surroundings. Both of the artists were trained at the School of New Dance of Amsterdam, and in Dust they establish distinct paths that arise in the work in dreamlike and sometimes absurd situations.


This Text Will Be Performed was the title chosen by Lot Meijers for the action and also for the publication that is included in issue # 2 of Revista Tijuana, which will be released on the day of the event. A project created by the artist during the period of her residence in São Paulo, This Text Will Be Performed deals with the eminence of the future and the ephemeral quality of the present moment.


Rose Akras, an artist who has already participated in previous editions of VERBO, presents Movement with a Rest Product II: Space (3). The action is the result of Akras’s research concerning space based on concepts taken from Euclidean geometry.


The release of Revista Tijuana # 2 caps off VERBO’s program, and features projects created for a paper support by the Fratura group, Lot Meijers and Guilherme Peter. As in the two previous issues, the magazine presents questions linked to printed art, always with the edition of 40 copies, available for sale at Tijuana.


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